Cash Rules Everything Around Me, including Bitcoin Cash

Cash Rules Everything Around Me, including Bitcoin Cash

When making cryptocurrency t-shirts and apparel, we're always looking at the how crypto fits into life. For example, are there hot crypto trends, cool looking designs, and how does that work with cryptocurrencies and incorporating them together?

Take our latest design based off the crypto Bitcoin Cash. When you think of cryptocurrency and using it as digital cash, what comes to mind? Obviously cash money does, and growing up listening to all kinds of music including classic old school hip hop, it was a natural fit to combine Wu-Tang and Bitcoin Cash and the whole vibe.

That's how we came up with the Wu-Tang Bitcoin Cash T-Shirt. There are many levels to this. One is you have Bitcoin Cash, which is peer-to-peer cash. It's a street level cryptocurrency, meaning it's not as mainstream (yet) and it gets down and dirty like some gangster rap lyrics. 


The original Wu-Tang CREAM cassette

Back in the 1990's Wu-Tang released the song CREAM, Cash Rules Everything Around Me. It was an instant classic, because of people's desires for cash and the hustle it took to get paid and out of poverty. Since then, Wu-Tang became one of the most popular hip hop groups ever in the history of music. They had other classics, such as Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F' Wit (sampled in the video below). Additionally, they used old school Kung Fu movie clips in their music, giving new sounds and ideas never heard before. 

In the song Hippa to the Hoppa by Wu-Tang's Old Dirty Bastard, they sampled the classic fight movie Fearless Dragons. Using Kung Fu was a normal thing in all of their music, which helped to shape their style. 

Embedded in the YouTube video above, you can watch the short film we made for the Wu-Tang Bitcoin Cash T-Shirt sampling the Kung Fu movie the same as Wu-Tang did in their music. 

Since Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a popular cryptocurrency that is made to be used as cash, it made sense to combine the Wu-Tang feel to it, while also using Kung Fu as exciting energy. Bitcoin Cash is a crypto that is used to liberate people, using cash peer-to-peer, so naturally in the fight scene from Fearless Dragons, we incorporated Bitcoin Cash in it as a "Freedom Fist", using the digital currency as a liberation to fight the grand master in the end to win. 

Bringing it all together, we enjoyed making this clothing shirt design and accompanying video, as we feel it brought together all the pieces of these genres together in a single form that was a perfect fit for Crypto Shirts+. If you want to buy the Wu-Tang Bitcoin Cash shirt, you can buy it here:

Wu-Tang Bitcoin Cash T-Shirt

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