Care tips for your crypto t-shirts, hoodies, and apparel

Care tips for your crypto t-shirts, hoodies, and apparel

Our cryptocurrency graphic t-shirts are a fun and stylish way to express yourself and your love of Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain projects. We strive to provide you with the best quality t-shirts, hoodies, and apparel that we can. All of the care tips we provide below are not required, as our tees will last on their own, however, by following some of these tips it will help to make your favorite crypto t-shirt last a long time and looking as vibrant as the day you got it.

Shirt care instructions and tips

Read the Label: Before washing your crypto t-shirt, it is important to read the care instructions on the label. Out t-shirts don't require hand washing but doing this is more gentle on all clothing and can help to avoid damage. Most people don't do this and it's okay, however if you want to it will help make the tee last longer. Also, do not dry clean your graphic t-shirts, as it can lead to damage and wear. 

Hot and Cold Water: You can machine wash your shirts and hoodies in normal wash cycles using warm (max 105F or 40C) or cold water. You shouldn't use any chlorine bleach unless it's white colored t-shirt or as needed. The harsh chemicals in bleach can cause fading and damage the graphic.

Mild Detergent: Use a regular mild detergent for colored clothes to avoid damaging the graphic on the shirt. Industrial or really extreme/strong detergents can cause fading and cracking, so just use a regular type of detergent and the tee will be fine. 

Turn Inside Out: When washing your graphic t-shirt, turn it inside out to protect the graphic from coming into contact with other clothing and from rubbing against the washing machine. This isn't required but by doing this it will make the t-shirt last longer and the colors will remain vibrant. 

Tumble Dry: It's okay to machine tumble dry your t-shirt, try to use a medium setting and not very hot. Alternatively if you want, you can hang or lay the shirt flat to air dry. All options are fine and won't damage the t-shirt in any way. 

Iron with Care: If you need to iron your graphic t-shirt, do so on a lower heat setting. Do not iron any of the graphic design area as it can possibly cause damage. What we recommend is you turn the shirt inside out, and iron it from the inside if you need to iron the graphic design area. Always be cautious when ironing. If you want to read more about our design process, read our blog here.

Store Properly: Store your graphic t-shirts folded in a cool and dry place. Hanging them is fine but you should consider folded as the better option. As with any type of shirt or hoodie, if you hang them for long periods without use it can cause hanger bumps in the shoulder areas. To get this out, simply either steam the area to loosen the fabric or wet your fingers and rub over the area a few times to loosen it. If this doesn't work, try rubbing an ice cube over it. Using steam though is the best method and we highly recommend it. 

Other key features of our shirts are that are good to know for care is that solid colors are 100% cotton; heather colors are 50% cotton, 50% polyester (sport grey is 90% cotton, 10% polyester); antique colors are 60% cotton, 40% polyester. The shirt collars are a ribbed knit, which makes the collar highly elastic and helps retain its shape. Twill tape covers the shoulder seams to stabilize the back of the garment and to help prevent stretching. The shirts are knitted in one piece using tubular knit, which reduces fabric waste and makes the garment more attractive.

In conclusion, taking care of your graphic crypto t-shirts and hoodies is a simple process that requires a few small conscious steps to your washing and care routine. By following these steps, you can keep your graphic tees looking new and vibrant for longer, and enjoy expressing yourself through your wardrobe. Just remember to always read the care instructions on the label if you're unsure.

We hope this list of care tips and instructions was helpful to you. We love seeing people wearing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gear, and shirts are great ways to show your support for cryptocurrency. We have plenty of crypto shirt options out there for anyone looking to feel good about themselves while also showing off their passion for cryptocurrency. We also have hoodies, hats, coffee mugs, stickers, plus more!