Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Bitcoin Bros: When cryptocurrency and classic games collide

Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Bitcoin Bros: When cryptocurrency and classic games collide

When you were growing up, there were a few classic video games that everyone had to have and loved playing. These are old school games, back when Nintendo and Sega were all the hype! 

From Pac-Man to Sonic the Hedgehog, all of these 8-bit video games were instant classics and have lived on for decades in the hearts and consoles of gamers. Each one with their own popularity and fandom. 

Fast forward to 2008, and the introduction of Bitcoin and now modern-day cryptocurrencies. Since we are both fans of 8-bit video games and also cryptocurrencies, we decided to combine the two into a t-shirt collection that any gamer crypto fanatic would love.

Pac-Man Bitcoin Edition T-Shirt

We had to recreate all the main classics and give them a crypto twist. We started with the classic Pac-Man, which is a rendition of the orange Bitcoin "B" chomping down and eating up the Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, and the Renminbi. The Pac-Man Bitcoin t-shirt is a unique pixelated shirt that you are sure to love. 

Sonic the Hedgehog Ethereum Edition T-Shirt

Next up was another classic, modeled after the smart contracts platform Ethereum. The Sonic the Hedgehog Ethereum t-shirt features the iconic old school Sonic the Hedgehog style from the 1990's video game. It says ETHEREUM CRYPTOCURRENCY on it featuring Ethereum coins. 

Street Fighter Bitcoin Cash Edition T-Shirt

Another classic we had to redo was of course Street Fighter. Who hasn't played this legendary game!? This Street Fighter Bitcoin Cash Edition t-shirt has the old school Street Fighter style from the 1990's. It says CRYPTO FIGHTER and in the fight scene it has the Hadoken with the the green pixelated Bitcoin Cash logo. 

Bitcoin Bros. Edition T-Shirt

Of course how can you go old school 8-bit without the legend himself! Get the Bitcoin Bros Edition t-shirt featuring the iconic old school 8-bit style from the 1990's. It says BITCOIN BROS. featuring classic video game character jumping to get his bitcoins.

The Legend of Crypto Edition T-Shirt

Last but certainly not least is another legend - The Legend of Crypto Edition t-shirt. The shirt says THE LEGEND OF CRYPTO on it featuring the classic game lettering and 8-pixel graphics. 

There are many other classic video games shirts that could be made, but these just happen to be our all-time favorites. When mixing cryptocurrencies and 8-bit video games, you just can't go wrong. You can pick up these shirts by following any of the links above or viewing the 8-bit collection here. All shirts are available in various sizes and colors. 

8-Bit Video Game Crypto T-Shirt Collection

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